December 13, 2019

Durian Dynamite Slot

Durian Dynamite is a slot with a classical touch featuring fruits as its main symbols, reminiscent of the old-school one-arm bandits. At the same time, with crisp 3D animated graphics, bright colors and energetic motions and sounds, it’s not that traditional in rendering.

The Durian Dynamite slot is a comparatively new game released only on 27 March 2019. It is a game of high variance and an RTP of 96.22%.

How to play

Durian Dynamite is a game of 5 reels played with a 5×3 grid. There are 20 paylines offered, and anyone can be eligible for a prize of up to 251,525 coins, i.e., approximately 2,515 times your wager, while some gamblers claim the jackpot to be lower.

The coin size ranges from 0.01 to 5. You may play with €0.2 to €100 per spin. An Autoplay feature allows you to spin continuously without your physical interference with the system. This way, around 10 – 1000 spins may be done automatically.

Durian Dynamite Slot Wild


The symbols are mostly represented by different forms of fruits such as grapes, cherries, watermelon, plum, orange, etc. And the Durian fruit that looks like a grenade is the King of the game. It is the most delicious fruit predominant in Asian countries but also loved in Europe. In the game, as it can generate great, exploding Wilds, it has a high value. These exploding Wilds and free spins are what players look forward to in the game.

Wild Symbols

There are the regular Durian Wild and a Dynamite version of Wild in this game. The Wild symbols can replace any other symbol for a win. The Dynamite Wilds are launched from the Dynamite reel, which is shaped as funnels above. You sometimes see one of the reels light up with a red light, and when a Dynamite lands on it, it turns into a Wild.

Dynamite Launch feature

The occurrence of the Wild symbol mentioned above triggers what is called the ‘Dynamite Launch’. From a unique release mechanism at the left, more Dynamite Wilds are released onto the reels. It is the ‘Dynamite Launch’ feature. When a Dynamite Wild lands on another Dynamite Wild, they both get split into two. The exploded, split pieces are thrown off and if they hit another Wild, the latter gets split, too, and bursts into two Wilds, thus initiating a chain reaction until the Dynamite release stops.

Durian Dynamite Slot Bonus

Free spins

When 3 Scatters appear together on the reels, a free spin mode is activated, and you get 6 free spins. In addition to this bonus, there are ways to get even more spins from the bonus picker feature explained below.

At the moment when the free spins are activated, you get a bonus session to pick yourself some of the lucky gifts. There is a Bonus Picker Jar that will facilitate this feature. Depending on what you pick, you may get any one of the following:

  • Extra spins free. In addition to the 6 free spins, you get extra 30 spins more for free. So you have a total of 36 spins now.
  • Dynamite Supply. Two extra Durian fruits can be won for the Wild feature.
  • Dynamite reels. Up to 3 Dynamite reels may be activated, which can result in more benefits.

Where to play

If you want to play the game for real money in the UK, these are some of the casinos that provide it.

Casino Cruise UK Gambling Commission 980 slot games
Wild Spins Casino UK Gambling Commission 300+ slot games
21 Privé Casino UK Gambling Commission 950+ slot games
Wink Slots Casino UK Gambling Commission 400 games approx.
Hello Casino UK Gambling Commission 950+ slot games


  • A special free spin feature, which is the core attraction of the game, is admirable.
  • Unique additional bonus options with the free spins help you gain even more rewards.


  • The winning potential is considered insufficient by many players.
  • There are no multipliers for the game.


The Durian Dynamite slot is a game that can be played for sheer fun. Those who are sincerely looking for benefits and winning potential may not find the game that satisfactory as many other slots give much more considerable wins. It is nevertheless a game with exciting sounds, crisp graphics and animation, bright colors, and vigorous movements, which contributes to the unique gaming experience and may not be found in many slots. Also, the excitement created by plentiful bonus features like the Dynamite release, Dynamite launch, Dynamite reels, and Dynamite Wild, cannot be underestimated.

You can watch a big win video of the game in the following YouTube video clip:

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